The jockey’s cockpit

Optimize performance I Keep your horse healthy

With the GTS Live Pro training system, you can control, analyze and perfect your programs for dressage. You can constantly monitor the horse’s vital signs and adjust the workload accordingly, second by second. GTS Live Pro will give you a measurable edge over your competitors in your equestrian discipline.


  • Keep the horse’s measurements and heart rates in view throughout the session
  • Using GTS Live Pro’s training data analysis technology (performance diagnostics) allows you to build strength and stamina in a controlled way and assess the load on your horse during cross country training
  • Outstanding performance monitoring for efficient, effective, performance-focused training
  • Ensure training phases are perfectly tailored following injuries (recovery)
  • Keep your horse’s health under constant review during pre-competition strength and performance training by measuring the heart rate (a warning signal appears on the HUD display if the horse is overstretched during training)
  • Live data can be shared with the trainer immediately during training, allowing them to assess the effectiveness of the session in real time and check vital signs during individual training cycles

Product data sheet

You can find full details of everything the GTS Live Pro System can do with training data and how data can be individually tailored to different disciplines in the product data sheet.


GTS Live Pro - Produktdatenblatt