The unique GTS LIVE PRO software captures all training data in real-time and makes it instantly usable – for sportspeople, trainers and even for the whole world if required. Our vision is to open up a new dimension of intelligent and efficient sports training to all competitive, amateur and casual sportspeople in the age of digitalisation. In doing so, GTS LIVE PRO relies on the highest quality and the most powerful technology that the sports market has to offer.


Heart/pulse rate for people and animals


Step frequency


Incline & slope (height in %)

Metres in height & jump height


Navigation function

Watt measurement

HD camera
for videos/photos

Multimedia player
for MP3/video & live-streaming


Language control

Language coaching

Fall detector
Map position can be sent to third parties via an app

Share data and save accomplishments

(+) Other apps

Internet access

Customised adjustments

We can get the best out of everyone. Pulse, speed, distance: It doesn’t matter what data you need for your training – the GTS LIVE PRO will show you it.

Our special performance technology helps all sportspeople to get even more out of their training. Professional, competitive, casual sportspeople: The GTS LIVE PRO creates an edge in performance for every type of sport.

Equestrian Sport

Equestrian Sport

Equestrian Sport



On a bike, every minute counts. Our glasses make every tour a success.



GPS, music and compass: everything that you need, in a single pair of glasses.

Fabian Gladigau

Fabian Gladigau

Fabian Gladigau is the founder and CEO of GTS Live Pro. A trained jockey and former professional rider, he is the creative brain behind our performance system, designed to optimize every training session. As an elite sportsman and assistant to one of Germany’s greatest racehorse trainers, he began exploring the use of performance diagnostics technology in horse racing early in his career. His promising business idea reflects years of practical experience and his vision of using data and modern technology to help athletes and horses alike maximize their performance.

Fabian Gladigau

Oliver Lück
Consulting partner

Oliver Lück acts as a Consultant Partner to GTS Live Pro. A successful horseman and world-renowned breeder of horses for equestrian sports, he contributes his experience and passion for equestrianism and elite sport on an advisory basis, helping to develop GTS Live Pro’s business and market development strategies. He has a degree in business administration and is also an experienced entrepreneur, management consultant, market strategist and brand communications expert.

He spent many years in leading roles at the Serviceplan Group, an international group of agencies for innovative communications. This experience gives him comprehensive expertise in international marketing, product marketing, company management and business development.
Beyond that, Oliver is an equestrian and successful breeder of Oldenburg horses, including ‘Hale Bob”, who has already won Olympic, World and European Championship medals ridden by and in the possession of Ingrid Klimke.

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