The cyclist's cockpit

Track and off-trail | Live tracking, streaming, coaching

Delivering peak performance in competitive cycling requires total concentration on the here and now. Only total focus on the road ahead will unlock that last ounce of speed. GTS Live Pro delivers everything the serious cyclist needs, from ambitious club riders to elite professionals. Its real-time performance diagnostics technology is more accurate and stable than standard tracking systems. What’s more, it’s integrated into an exceptionally light, ultra-comfortable pair of smart sports glasses for instant access whenever you need it.

With GTS Live Pro, you never have to glance at a mounted computer or smartwatch. Its head-up display shows you much more than where you are and where you’re headed – it gives you all the data you need, even while you’re still out on the road. Check your wattage, your pulse, the weather or the inclines and descents on the next mountain. Save your best for when it really matters and make your session as effective as possible.

Chest strap


The GTS Live Pro chest strap measures the precise heart rate, records it in the internal memory and transmits it in real time via Bluetooth to the glasses and to mobile devices. Our premium belt contains textile electrodes made of conductive, elastic fibres which adapt perfectly to movements. These electrodes contain an absorbent pad to ensure permanent contact with the skin. The strap is breathable, permeable to sweat and skin-friendly.

Performance App

GTS Live Pro App

There’s more to GTS Live Pro than a pair of smart sports glasses. It’s not just riders who can use the all-in-one system’s intelligent tracking software via the head-up display; trainers can also access all the data (pulse, speed, temperature, inclines and more) in real time via the GTS Live Pro Connect app. Live coaching functionality and streaming via the built-in HD camera allow trainers and riders to communicate with each other directly, even over long distances.

For team training, the special team app gives trainers immediate access to real-time data and the vital signs for every athlete in their team, allowing them to monitor the health and fitness of every single athlete. All data is available in real time, whether the trainer is trackside or on the move. It’s all saved to the cloud too, so every training session can be individually assessed and analyzed.

GTS Live Pro propels training into the digital age, providing unprecedented levels of interactivity and effectiveness.


  • 100% accurate biometric data analysis in real time (pulse, calories burned)
  • Powerful built-in processor for genuinely live measurements (wattage, speed, distance)
  • Mobile app featuring intelligent performance diagnostics
  • Exceptionally light, ultra-comfortable smart sports glasses
  • Built-in HD camera for streaming training sessions
  • Built-in MP3 player for music to maintain your rhythm
  • Map functionality – keeping you on track
  • Simple, intuitive touchpad and voice controls
  • Live data can be shared directly with your coach during training, so they can monitor the effectiveness of the session and your vital signs during individual training cycles in real time. With GTS Life Pro, you’re perfectly connected – even over long distances.

Product data sheet

You can find full details of everything the GTS Live Pro System can do with training data, and how data can be individually tailored to different disciplines, in the product data sheet.


GTS Live Pro - Produktdatenblatt